I’m Kelsey Reidl.
Let's get to know each other...

I'm a Marketer, Business Coach, and Host of The Marketing Hotline Podcast.

After almost 10 years working in the corporate world I hit my breaking point.

I was handing over many of my best creative campaign ideas to my employers (some of Canada’s Top Health Food Brands) and I knew that I wanted to expand my impact by creating my own consulting agency, where I could support Small Businesses in building out their Marketing Strategies.

So, I quit my cushy corporate job and launched Visionary, Inc. !

Today, we've helped 100's of small businesses to launch and grow their brands, using innovative and time-honoured Marketing Strategies.

Our clients have successfully...

  • Completed $10,000 launches
  • Launched programs that sold-out in a matter of hours
  • Created social media strategies that convert followers into paying customers
  • Grown Facebook Groups from Zero to 15,000 members in just 4 months
  • Replaced their full-time income and quit their jobs to pursue their business full-time in a matter of months
  • Found multiple clients hiding in their existing networks

These are all possible for you too, when you dedicate time and energy to your marketing strategy.


What my clients are saying...

"I decided to work with Kelsey because I needed a structured way to launch my Hormonal Reset Course and a success strategy for me to sell-out the program with optimal results.  

Technical and back-end online components, like landing pages and planning content, are not my strong suite. Kelsey really helped me out understanding & building out these areas!  

I had one of the BEST programs to date, and sold out before our end date!  

Super excited to work with Kelsey again! Thank you, Kelsey."

- Brittany Lynn Wellness, Founder of The Hormone Reset Program

When we began working together my content marketing was a mess, I didn't know how to grow my social media followers, and I wasn't sure how to drive more traffic to my website or attract consistent clients.

After working with Kelsey,

  • My website traffic has increased massively. 
  • I finally have an engaged social media following
  • I have run 2 successful online challenges with just over 100 participants combined
  • I have updated my website and branding to better reflect my vision and values 
  • I have gained new clients
  • I am just about to launch my own podcast
  • I have created a Facebook group with 100 members after just a few weeks
  • Doing Instagram video stories of myself has become easy and natural

    - Claudia Smith, Founder of claudiasmithwellbeing.com

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