Frustrated with the slow & inconsistent growth of your business?

The content & coaching inside of Visionary Marketing™ Coaching could be the solution you've been searching for...


The truth is, you won't reach the next level alone.

You've taken the leap into running your own business, but now you find yourself in the inevitable "messy middle" stage...

(you know, that stage where you are "flying by the seat of your pants" when it comes to strategic growth)

Your problem isn't a lack of clarity or absence of motivation...

Your problem is that you don't have a comprehensive Marketing Plan that puts your brand in front of your dream clients, exactly when they need you most.

Visionary Marketing Coaching is NOT a one-size-fits-all formula.

If that's what you're looking for, there are $10 templates that you can purchase from Pinterest or from Instagram.

(& let's be honest, if those templates really worked wouldn't everybody be using them?)

Our approach to creating a Marketing Plan for your business is rooted in the following Principles...

  • Innovative - You don't need someone to re-iterate the obvious to you (ex: establish a social media presence, grow your email list, understand the consumer purchasing cycle, etc.). Instead, you need a big idea for your next Marketing Campaign that will generate massive momentum in your growth. To lead the way, you need an original idea.

  • Time-Honoured - The way in which we implement Marketing Strategies is always changing, yet the core principles of what works has stayed the same for 100's of years. Things like Strategic Partnerships, Direct Response Marketing & Word-Of-Mouth are pillars that often go overlooked, yet they account for more than 75% of your growth. Let's make sure you've mastered the time-honoured principles that will ensure longevity in your strategy.

  • Results-Driven - We're in this, together. In our first session we'll do a comprehensive intake to determine your goals for the coming months, and then we will diligently track our progress to ensure that all of your metrics are being met. Our currency is your testimonial, so you better believe we don't stop until you're satisfied.

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business & it cannot be ignored.

Without consistent leads coming into your business, you have nobody to sell to. We can all agree on that, right? 🤔

Here are some signs that Visionary Marketing Coaching is perfect for you...

👉 You're dealing with unpredictable lead generation (you never know when the next client will sign...)

👉 You've found yourself saying "I'm just not GOOD at marketing my business"

👉 You have variable month-to-month revenue (wouldn't it be nice if it was predictably HIGHER!?)

👉 You're not confident in how to showcase your services, because it feels like self-promotion

👉 Non-existence of a promotional strategy (you're winging it right now)

👉 You know that nothing will change unless you have someone or something to be accountable to

Visionary Marketing
Coaching is here to help you to Master Your Marketing so that you can get more clients in your service business.

Joining pre-requisites

  • Your business already generates between $30,000 & $150,000 and you're looking to push past your current revenue
  • You are driven, motivated & unafraid to take action
  • You've already got your social media, email marketing, website, landing pages & basic online marketing systems set up


Unwavering desire to help more dream clients and to impact 100's and 1000's of lives

  • Open to experimentation with new marketing strategies
  • True passion for the product or service that you sell

Innovative, Time-Honoured & Results-Driven.

I know what you're thinking...

"Is Marketing Coaching really what I need right now?"

At one point, I was exactly where you are today...

The foundation of my business was built and I had a couple clients, but I was wondering how to scale up my business without jumping into fancy Facebook Ads or complicated Email Automations.

Did anyone have the formula that I was looking for?

  • I know what it's like to watch other businesses thrive, while you sit back and wonder where they learned all of their secrets
  • I know what it's like to need help, support and guidance from a coach or mentor... yet you're not sure who to turn to for honest ad effective advice (hint: I can be that person!)
  • I know what it's like to lack strategy & predictability in the "marketing department" of your business (AKA you!)

In order to advance into your next level of growth, you need coaching!

Join Visionary Marketing Mastery™

The success of your business is directly correlated with the effectiveness of your Marketing Strategy!

There are 9 principles that I will teach you (& that we will implement) inside of our Visionary Marketing™ Coaching Sessions. Here are a few of them >>

You Zig, I Zag™

As the world has become increasingly stimulating, we tend to ignore things that are average and we pay attention to what's different.

If you're trying to capture your dream clients attention, and be one of the few marketing messages that they pay attention to in a day, you have to Zig while your competition is Zagging! When you stand out, people will talk about you.

In this module you'll learn how to create a campaign that daringly goes where other brands won't.

The Almanac of Relevance™

The Almanac of Relevance™ is all about creating relevant messaging so that your dream clients' ears perk up as you play on current themes and events. Using The Almanac of Relevance™ allows you to tap into the conversation that’s already happening in your dream client's mind.

If you don’t have relevant messaging, you won’t captivate your VDC’s attention.

In this module you're going to learn how to tap into current themes and events to get your message out in front of more people.

The Relationships Recipe™

No matter what your product or service is, I can tell you with confidence that you are in the business of building relationships.

In this module you'll learn how to attract your Visionary Dream Clients (VDC's) and nurture deep relationships with them, as well as how to double your network year over year.

Your Visionary Advantage™

Your business isn't average, plain and simple. But, do your Dream Clients recognize how extraordinary you are? Can they explain your "magic" in 3 words or less? Are they able to clearly distinguish what sets you apart from the competition?

In this module we're going to uncover Your Visionary Advantage, so that you have something compelling to boast about inside of your upcoming Marketing Campaigns.

The Experiential Expo™

Experiential marketing is a strategy that captures the attention of your clients using immersive, engaging & branded experiences. It allows your Visionary Dream Clients to "try you on for size" before buying.

In this module, we'll determine and implement the highest-converting experience that you can offer to your community, to win them over with ease.

The Productization Principle™

Since most businesses have trouble showcasing exactly what type of service they truly provide (your service is invisible), it's essential to work on making a tangible model to showcase what someone is actually buying.

In this module I am going to teach you how to easily showcase the transformation that clients receive when they work with you. We'll talk about Brand Naming, Creating a Visual Model of your Services & Creating a Scorecard to provide quantitative data.


You can try to figure-it-all-out on your own time or you can fast-track your success with intensive coaching!

1 x ASSESSMENT CALL: Let's do a deep dive on your business. During this 60-minute bonus call, we’ll get to the bottom of what's working and what isn't, when it comes to your current Marketing Strategy. I'll also show you around our Project Management Software and give you your first few action items.

10 x 45-MINUTE PRIVATE CALLS: We meet weekly or bi-weekly via Zoom (online conferencing) to dissect your results and refine key areas of your marketing materials. Each session is 100% customized to help you reach your goals. You will leave each meeting with a specific plan, alongside a set of due dates so that you stay on track.

UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT: I'm here to help you succeed and am available for questions at anytime throughout our coaching sessions.

Price = $5,597.00 CAD + tax

(or choose a 12 month payment plan of $467 CAD per month)

Apply for a "no-strings-attached" discovery call, today!