Are you a good fit for Private Marketing Coaching?

Visionary Marketing Mastery™ is perfect for those of you who...

  • Need more clients in order to stay in business or find more success in the immediate future
  • Want more consistency in generating new leads for your business
  • Are not looking for a "quick fix" but rather to understand the principles of Marketing Mastery so that you can apply them for years to come
  • Feel like your Marketing Strategy is a total mess (or non-existent) right now
  • Ready to devote the time, energy & effort to becoming the Marketer you're capable of being, for your business.

Ready to stop leaving your marketing strategy to "chance"?


Our clients get real results.

Upon entering my 5th year of running my business, I felt like I had hit a plateau on how to scale and communicate with new potential clients. I threw every idea at the wall to see what would stick and ended up doing tasks and tapping into channels at a fraction of their potential.

Enter Kelsey!

Working with Kelsey was an incredible experience that I only wish I did sooner!

Her knowledge and experience clearly showed as I hosted a sold-out launch (in 2 hours, to be exact!) to my season's programs, introducing 40 news clients to my services.

I am also well underway to building the next chapter of my business with a clear direction on the steps and timeline.

- Charlotte Batty
Founder of Minii Adventures
Private Client, 2021

Melissa found our program through a Google Search and after meeting with several online marketers, she chose to work with Kelsey and join TVM™.

She was just starting out in the online world, and had no clue how to create her business & promote her accounting services online. 

Melissa signed up for coaching, and by the 8th week had signed her first client! 

Today, Melissa runs a thriving online business and has been published in numerous media outlets, and even has her own columns in Forbes & Entrepreneur. She also launched the "Think Like a CFO Podcast" which helps women sort out their Personal & Business Finances. She's even coached some of our visionary community members!

- Melisssa Houston
Financial Expert & CPA
Private Client in 2019

Jennifer came to Kelsey to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for her business.

After 3 months, she was seeing massive results...

  • We grew a Facebook Group from Zero (June 2020) to 11,000 people (Sept 2020) so that we could gather her Dream Clients in one place & generate more brand awareness.
  • Through the creation of a new, relevant lead magnet we added 9,000 people to her email list (which brought her up to over 13,000 subscribers)
  • During the 2 week promotional campaign, she sold $11,000 CAD in products

& she will repeat this promotional cycle 2x yearly to continue with this momentum!

- Jennifer
Founder of a paper planner (**name withheld to remain anonymous)
Private client 2019-2020


  • Client-Services
  • Health & Wellbeing Coaches
  • Freelancers
  • Professional Services
  • Authors and Personal Brands
  • Consultants
  • Course Creators
  • Thought Leaders and Influencers

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Joining pre-requisites & non-negotiables.

In order for us to work together...

  • You are working with some dream clients right now, but want (and have the capacity) to be working with more!
  • You've been in business for at least 12 months and are generating an annual revenue between $20,000 and $70,000
  • You have a heart for serving others & are already sharing your brilliance with the world, but now need a marketing strategy
  • You are building an ethical business (no harmful selling or marketing tactics, staying true to your core values, and aren't sacrificing yourself in your pursuit of growth)
  • You're friendly, coachable and willing to experiment

Visionary Marketing™ Coaching is NOT for you if...

  • You want a One Size Fits All formula for success (that doesn't exist)
  • You operate on a "growth at all costs" mentality
  • You don't collaborate well with others and see no value in expanding your rolodex
  • You're still working on the foundation of your business (generating consistent revenue & leads). If this is you, you might want to check out The Visionary Method.